Tow Truck Service from Victoria, Texas

Receive help fast when you're stranded on the highway by calling Mid-Coast Wrecker Service. Our crew hurries to your location in one of our fleet's on-call vehicles.

We are the area's premier provider of the most dependable and affordable car towing services. You can count on our crew to get you and your vehicle to a safe location.

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Request a service from our tow truck service team in Victoria, Texas.

***Heavy Duty Towing Available***

18 wheels and big rig vehicles

18 wheels and big rig vehicles

About Us

Expect fast and reliable assistance when you rely on Mid-Coast Wrecker Service. We are the locals' 

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preferred tow truck service in Victoria, Texas. We have more than 15 years of experience in the towing industry, and have been in business for ourselves since 1996.

In that time our team has provided an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction to vehicle owners and their families. Our dedicated team transports your vehicle to virtually any location in our region of the state. We have traveled up to 400 miles for past pickups and deliveries.

When you call on us we usually have a truck dispatched and on the way within 30 minutes or less. Depend on fast and reliable service that not only gets you to a town for repairs, but even helps you find a mechanic. We can also take you and your vehicle directly to your home if you request.

Mid-Coast Wrecker Service has heavy duty wreckers to haul big rigs and 18 wheeler vehicles.